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Welcome Team

Updated: Jun 4

The Welcome Team is the 'smile' of Focus. This team is in charge of making guests feel welcome and loved. We meet and greet guests. We take the guests to their seats and hand out communion, make coffee and snacks, and tidy up before and after services.

Serving in the Welcome Team means you commit to at least serve once a month from 10:00 - 14:30 covering both services.

This is a fun-loving team that would be very happy to welcome you to the team

These are the positions


The scheduler is responsible for scheduling the team members serving in the desired positions on Sundays. The scheduler needs to consider the team's scheduling preferences and ensure not to over-schedule team members.


Greeters meet and greet guests at the entrance to the church with a warm welcome.


Ushers meet guests at the main hall and guide them where to sit. Ushers are also responsible for collecting offerings and handing out communion.


This is probably the most important position of all - making coffee! As the Coffee Bringer of Joy, you mainly serve in the kitchen by preparing/baking snacks and making coffee. On the 1st Sunday of the month, you also prepare communion.


Your job is to ensure the environment is welcoming and organized by ensuring everything is set up. Setting up consists of bringing the Hospitality tubs from the stage to the kitchen, the Welcome Table tubs to the table, and 4 high tables down to the fellowship area and putting out the flags.


Your job is to ensure everything is taken down after the service: the main hall, fellowship area, Welcome Table, entrance, and restrooms. Everything should be packed behind the stage in its allocated positions.


At the Next Steps table, you help answer guests' questions, help with the payment terminal, and hand out gifts.

This is where guests can get more info about Focus, join Connect Croups and buy merch or Bibles. Serving at the table has a little more responsibility than the other team positions as you ensure that everything runs smoothly during the service.


Get to know people at church and let them know about serving opportunities! You'll stand at the Next Steps table person and meet newcomers.


Help us order/ buy groceries for each Sunday.

This is a fun-loving team that would be very happy to welcome you to the team


Alex is a missionary with Youth With a Mission. If she could travel anywhere right now she'd like to go to Patagonia - Argentina or Chile. She likes spending most of her time outside, especially likes adventure sports like mountain biking, climbing, and sea kayaking. She is a night person. The last book she read is Fate's Ransom by Jeff Wheeler.

She speaks English and some Norwegian with a sprinkling of a few words in Spanish.

She grew up in the US, moved a lot as a family, but likes to claim Colorado as her home state. Alex would like to learn how to do carpentry and her favorite colour is green.


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